"The savings I made on furniture and decor meant that the e-design service actually paid for itself!"

We have partnerships with 100s of leading brands! When you use our e-design service, our designer discounts go straight to you, meaning that the savings you make can often cover the cost of the e-design service.

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Stage One

Online consultation questionnaire

Our online consultation questionnaire allows us to capture all of the information we need from you in order for us to work our magic. It's an interactive form giving you all the guidance you need to communicate your interior desires to us. 

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Stage Two

Measurements & Photos

After your questionnaire we will ask you for measurements and photos of your space. We'll send you video instructions on the best way to measure your space. Alternatively you may already have floor plans of your home that you can send us. We also request some photos of the room to help us get a real feel for the space.

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Stage Three

Phone call with your online designer

Once we have your completed consultation questionnaire and your measurements and photos your e-design process is ready to begin. You will be prompted to select a suitable date and time for your e-design call. Your online design specialist will give you a call on your chosen date to go over your consultation questionnaire and make sure we have everything correct before we begin. After this call we get designing and your final package will be complete within 3 weeks.

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Stage Four

We create your design concept

Based on all of the information you've provided us with, we will develop a mood board and a (to scale) furniture layout plan. This will show you the suggested placement of furniture for your space along with the overall style, colour scheme and vibe. This will be sent to you for review. Once you are happy with the concept we then get started on creating your final bespoke design.

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Stage Five

Final Design Package

This is the exciting moment when you receive your final design package. This package will feature your chosen mood board and furniture layout along with an illustration of the final design, a clickable  shopping list with your trade discount access and depending on your chosen package you will also receive any paint, wallpaper or fabric/material samples relevant to your design. You will receive full instructions on how to implement and install your design in your home.

Choose Your E-Design Package



Perfect for figuring out the finishing touches to a room or for a little spruce to your space.


per room

  • Personal online design specialist

  • Design consultation phone call

  • Mood board

  • To-scale furniture layout plan

  • Floor & wall options

  • 1x review of your concept and 1x review of your final design

  • Clickable shopping list with up to 5 key items

  • Instructions to install the final design

  • 1 week post-design support


The ultimate online interior design service, everything you need to transform your space.


per room

  • Personal online design specialist

  • Design consultation phone call

  • Mood board

  • To-scale furniture layout plan

  • Floor & wall options

  • 2x reviews of your concept and 2x reviews of your final design

  • Clickable shopping list with ALL items needed to complete your room design

  • Trade discounts

  • Samples posted to you

  • Illustration of your final design

  • Instructions to install the final design

  • 3 weeks of post-design support

Or maybe you would prefer to be your own interior designer?


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HOMEwork is an innovative, online interior design masterclass which allows you to be your own interior designer under the step-by-step instruction and guidance of a professional Interior Designer.


The online masterclass is delivered in an easily digestible format and is broken down into bitesized lessons. Simply work through the videos, PDFs and other custom HOMEwork resources at your own pace as you accomplish each step of your design process.

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