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Design your dream home like a professional.

Step-by-step guidance for a wow-factor home.

This Masterclass is for you if you want to...

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Nice To Meet You

I'm Portia Robbins, Interior Designer and the Creator of HOMEwork Interior Design Masterclass. After a career in the fashion industry I decided to focus my attention on the environments we live, work and play in and Portia Robbins Interiors was born.

Soon after, I decided I wanted to open up the world of interior design to more people. So I created the HOMEwork masterclass.


We all want a home that aligns with our needs, lifestyle and personality so I provide a fuss-free framework for you to achieve that on your own, under the expert guidance of a professional designer. All at your own pace and with an abundance of resources at your fingertips.

HOMEwork is an innovative, online interior design masterclass which allows you to be your own interior designer under the step-by-step instruction and guidance of a professional Interior Designer.


The online masterclass is delivered in an easily digestible format and is broken down into bitesized lessons. Simply work through the videos, PDFs and other custom HOMEwork resources at your own pace as you accomplish each step of your design process.

Lifetime access for just £149


What People Are Saying


What You'll Learn


Identify your personal style, develop a moodboard, discover inspiration and get some direction. Learn what to look out for when identifying options for different styles.


Figure out how much you should allocate. Stay on top of your budget. Learn what you should splurge on and what you can save on. All with handy checklists and resources!


Nail your furniture layout. Learn the trick to using scale and proportion to make your furniture choices sing! Get the right furniture to suit your style.


Learn how to measure your space properly. Learn about how natural light affects your room. Stay organised along your design journey with our handy tips.


We cover how to make the ideal choice of window treatment for your room. How the way you paint your walls can transform a room. Different flooring pros and cons and so much more!


Bring everything together into a cohesive final design. You will have a bundle of amazing resources to utilise along the way!


How to choose the right colour for your home. How you can use colour to communicate your personality. How to combine colours properly and come up with a strong colour scheme.


How to come up with an amazing lighting scheme and why it's so important to get your lighting right. How you can use lighting in different ways to achieve a certain look.


Learn some key rules to styling and accessorising your home. Learn how to put the finishing touches on your newly designed space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

As soon as you have purchased HOMEwork you will be able to login to our HOMEwork portal. There you have access to:

  • All of the HOMEwork masterclass videos featuring all 10 categories of the design process.
  • Downloadable PDFs for each section featuring workbooks, cheat sheets and summarised info.
  • Your very own budgeting checklist and spreadsheet which automatically does the maths for you once filled in (major time-saver!).
  • Access to the exclusive HOMEwork style quiz so that you can work out what your interior style is.
  • Access to our private HOMEwork online group where you can connect and share with other HOMEworkers.
  • Lifetime access. Come back time and time again.

Who is this for?

This Masterclass is for anybody who wants to confidently take on the design of their own home. Wether that be a simple spruce-up, a decorating project or a full renovation. You don't need any prior skills in interior design. All you need is an internet connection and you're good to go!

I've already started decorating, will this be of any use to me?

The HOMEwork masterclass has been created to allow users to jump in regardless of where they are in their home decorating or renovating journey. The format is set up so that you can choose to skip a lesson if it doesn't relate to what you are doing. (for instance if you aren't changing your floors, you can skip the lesson on floors). Plus, the resources are invaluable and will help the remainder of your project go smoothly. Not to mention it's lifetime access, so you can revisit HOMEwork when you decide to decorate another room or if you move house in the future.

What support is offered with the course?

HOMEworkers gain access to a private Facebook group where you are able to post any questions, ask for advice and opinions, and just generally share your journey. If you require any technical support just email

Is the information in this masterclass only relevant to the U.K?

HOMEwork can be purchased and accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world and the information and resources you will find in this masterclass will be relevant and transferrable regardless of where you live.

Will this be hard work?

If you have the passion to design your own home you will love learning and applying everything featured in HOMEwork. Designing your home is fun and this is a masterclass not a degree, we cut out the unnecessary fluff and give you the good stuff, the real components to creating a wow-factor design.

How long will it take me to complete?

HOMEwork has been created to be self-paced. You can move through the design stages as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. It's a completely personalised experience.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Your happiness and satisfaction is of utmost importance. If for any reason you aren't 100% happy with your purchase, just let us know within 7 days of purchase and we will help you solve any problems you are having, give you a full refund, whatever you need. We're here to help, happiness guaranteed!


Lifetime access for just £149

Your purchase of HOMEwork helps support LGBTQ+  young people facing homelessness


Portia Robbins Interiors is proud to support AKT charity by donating a portion of the proceeds from every HOMEwork course sold, to help LGBTQ+ young people facing homelessness.

77% OF LGBTQ+ young people believe that coming out to their parents is a main factor to their homelessness.