Does This Sound Like You?

You're stuck without a vision or plan of action, you're overwhelmed and you don't know where to start.
You want a cohesive, beautiful space but you struggle with finding your own personal style, let alone pulling it all together so it doesn't feel disconnected or disjointed.
You would love to have access to an interior designer, but you're working with a budget so affordability is non-negotiable.
You find the interior design industry to be pretentious and intimidating.
Your space is lacking personality and doesn't feel authentic to you or your lifestyle.

I Totally Understand! You're In The Right Place.
Do you want to....

HOMEwork is an innovative, online interior design masterclass which allows you to be your own interior designer under the step-by-step instruction and guidance of a professional Interior Designer.

The online masterclass is delivered in an easily digestible format and is broken down into bitesized lessons. Simply work through the videos, PDFs and other custom HOMEwork resources at your own pace as you accomplish each step of your design process.

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Nice To Meet You

I'm Portia Robbins, Interior Designer and the Creator of HOMEwork Interior Design Masterclass.


After a career in the fashion industry I decided to focus my attention on the environments we live, work and play in and Portia Robbins Interiors was born.

It didn't take long for me to decide to break the rules. I became aware of the ever-present elitism that existed in the interior design industry, paired with the huge expense that went along with it. The investment required for a professional service acted as a gatekeeper, preventing so many people from having access to the design expertise they needed to have a home that they truly loved. These realisations made me think outside the box and create a rebellious new offering from the interior design world.

I made it my mission to offer affordable, accessible, interior design services and open up the world of interior design to more people. So I created the HOMEwork masterclass.

My philosophy is simple. Great, professional looking, personalised design should be affordable, approachable & convenient for EVERYONE!

We all want a home that aligns with our needs, lifestyle and personality, so I provide a fuss-free framework for you to achieve that on your own, under the expert guidance of a professional designer. All at your own pace and with an abundance of resources at your fingertips.

What You'll Learn


Identify your personal style, develop a moodboard, discover inspiration and get some direction. Learn what to look out for when identifying options for different styles.


Figure out how much you should allocate. Stay on top of your budget. Learn what you should splurge on and what you can save on. All with handy checklists and resources!


Nail your furniture layout. Learn the trick to using scale and proportion to make your furniture choices sing! Get the right furniture to suit your style.


Learn how to measure your space properly. Learn about how natural light affects your room. Stay organised along your design journey with our handy tips.


We cover how to make the ideal choice of window treatment for your room. How the way you paint your walls can transform a room. Different flooring pros and cons and so much more!


Bring everything together into a cohesive final design. You will have a bundle of amazing resources to utilise along the way!


How to choose the right colour for your home. How you can use colour to communicate your personality. How to combine colours properly and come up with a strong colour scheme.


How to come up with an amazing lighting scheme and why it's so important to get your lighting right. How you can use lighting in different ways to achieve a certain look.


Learn some key rules to styling and accessorising your home. Learn how to put the finishing touches on your newly designed space!



In addition to lifetime access, videos, workbooks, checklists & cheatsheets you get access to our online community!

Our HOMEwork community is accessible only to people enrolled in HOMEwork. Members receive access to me, support from other members, freebies, live design reviews and MORE!



What People Are Saying

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HOMEwork gives you the toolkit you need to take control of your own interior design project and transform your home.

Get step-by-step guidance, unbeatable resources, and unlimited support with our online community of HOMEworkers.


Banish the confusion, the overwhelm and the costly mistakes.

HOMEwork is like having an interior designer in your back pocket. Guiding you through your interior design journey. And don't forget, you get access FOR LIFE. So when you want to decorate another part of your home or you are due a refresh in years to come, you can just hop back on and get all the resources and assistance you need. This is your fail-proof solution to a beautifully designed home!

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Get lifetime access to the resources that will make your space feel authentic to YOU.

Made-for-you, designed-for-you, on-budget and magazine-worthy design. It's all at your fingertips for only


Your purchase of HOMEwork helps support LGBTQ+  young people facing homelessness


Portia Robbins Interiors is proud to support AKT charity by donating a portion of the proceeds from every HOMEwork course sold, to help LGBTQ+ young people facing homelessness.

77% OF LGBTQ+ young people believe that coming out to their parents is a main factor to their homelessness.

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Who is HOMEwork for?

  •  You want a home that is designed to a professional standard

  • You have one or more rooms in your home that need renovating, redecorating or sprucing up

  • You want to GET IT RIGHT and avoid wasting time, money or falling victim to passing fads or tacky mistakes

Who is HOMEwork NOT for?

  •  If you are planning major building work or reconstructive work

  • If you do not have the time to project manage your own design

  • If you don't want to be in control of your own design process this isn't for you



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