Home Office Hacks To See You Through The Pandemic

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I'm always advocating the importance of good interior design as a way to improve wellbeing and overall quality of life. The global pandemic has seen many of us have to reconfigure the way we live and work. A lot of us have had to adjust to working from home, some are fortunate enough to have a designated home office but many have had to create makeshift workspaces at the dining table or in a hallway alcove.

Whatever your situation is, there are ways that you can improve your WFH (work from home) environment using interior design to give you a more productive, happier and more organised work/life balance.

Here are some top tips for improving your WFH environment using some interior design knowhow.

Ditch The Junk

If you have had to incorporate a home office into an already existing space in your home, for example, setting up a desk in a guest bedroom or the conservatory. Then you may find yourself working amongst a pile of discarded late night Amazon purchases, that bag of old clothes that you still haven't gotten around to taking to the charity shop and a stack of wrapping paper from 3 Christmases ago. Not very inspiring huh? Gather up all the clutter and sort through it. Getting rid of anything you no longer need and storing the stuff you do need into appropriate storage solutions that can keep the stuff out of sight. You may even find you can store some things in your garage or loft if you have that option. Find a good storage solution and clear the area.

A sideboard like this can be a great option for storing away excess clutter:

Hella Sideboard - Cox & Cox - £795

Get Comfortable

A comfortable chair is a must if you are putting in full days of work at a time. This doesn't mean you have to resort to a boring office swivel chair. In fact, your office chair doesn't even need to be an 'office' chair. The key criteria for a suitable chair is something with good back support and potential arm support.

Invest in a comfortable chair like this:

Camilla Swivel Desk Chair - Anthropologie - £598

Add Some Greenery

It's proven that houseplants can improve air quality in your room. Plants are not only great for air-filtering but also promote a general feeling of wellbeing and can help to reduce stress. In fact, having plants in your work environment has been shown to increase productivity by up to 15%. Get some greenery around your work space and reap the benefits.

Check Out Patch For Some Office-Friendly Plants:

'Dana' Dieffenbachia Plant - Patch - £40

Look at Lighting

If you can choose a desk spot close to a window where you can get plenty of natural light coming in whilst you work that is ideal. If your work spot is limited on natural light make sure you utilise artificial light as best you can. This may mean adding additional lighting to the room such as task lighting over your desk or even some LED strip lighting within storage cabinets and bookshelves or picture lights over cork boards. A strong lighting plan in your room will dramatically improve how well your home office space functions for you.

Try a stylish desk lamp like this:

Contina Swing Arm Brass Table Lamp - Lime Lace - £59.95

Don't Be A Bore

Just because it's a workspace it doesn't mean you are resigned to a clinical looking, sparse look. Try adding some fun decorative touches to your shelving or add some colour with a rug or some artwork. Some personal touches will make you feel happier, and a little bit of variation with colour and texture will help you feel more relaxed.

Inject a bit of fun with an art print like this one:

'Don't Rush Me' Art Print by Ruby and B at iamfy - From £16

Carve Out Space

Even if you have had to create a makeshift desk space at your dining room table. Finding a way to keep your work and home life separate will make a huge difference to your WFH experience. I know it can feel like a hassle to have to pack up your desk every day and put it all out again the next morning, but try and do this if you can, it will help you switch off and reclaim your living space when work is done. Use a stylish storage box to keep your 'office' in when you aren't working. Something that can harmonise with the rest of the room is ideal.

Try something like this:

Kurf Wooden Trunk - Sklum - £234.99

I am now offering an exclusive home e-design service which is perfect for designing your home office. You can be located anywhere in the world and will receive a one-to-one consultation followed by a complete interior design solution for your space along with full instructions on how to implement it.

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