How to create a child-friendly living room

A child-friendly living room doesn't mean that your living room needs to look like your local soft-play centre. Designing interiors with children in mind doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Follow these useful tips to create a child-friendly living room that will still allow you to have adult style and space.

Transform with storage

Rather than using storage bins or shelving, go for storage that is closed at the front so that in the evening or when the kids are with the grandparents you can put all the toys away and shut the door on the storage cupboard and not have to look at piles of multicoloured plastic! It's the easiest way for you to transform your living room from a children's space to an adult space so that you don't have to sip your wine amongst a sea of toys in the evenings.

rattan storage
Balabac Rattan Storage - OKA

Get in the zone

If you have the space, try and zone the areas in your room. For tips on zoning check out this blog post. Create a specific zone for the children’s toys with a space for them to play and then create a separate zone for relaxing and watching tv for example. This way you can all use the room at once but don’t need to be under each other’s feet. The children can play while you relax and you won’t feel like it can only be one thing or the other happening in the room.

Totter + Tumble Scout and Wanderer Playmat - John Lewis

Go curvy

Children love to bounce about with zero regard for their surroundings. Choose furniture that is rounded rather than lots of sharp edges and corners. Go for things like round coffee tables, cabinets and sideboards with rounded corners and lamps and decor that aren’t sharp and square. Of course you can purchase those big rubber corner protectors for any sharp edges but simply choosing child friendly furniture is far preferable to a room covered in blobs of rubber in my opinion.

rattan storage
Balabac Rattan Storage - OKA

Double Up

A child friendly living room is ultimately all about multi-function. Choosing furniture that can double up in purpose is a great way to make a living room child friendly. For instance a footstool that has storage space inside for children’s books. A tv cabinet that has storage for children’s toys. A coffee table that you can pop a kids chair underneath at snack time.

brass table
Mexicana Brass Top Tables - Culinary Concepts

Keep it clean

Having a child friendly room that is easy to keep clean doesn’t have to mean you cover your room and everything in it with vinyl. Wood or laminate flooring can work well as it’s easy to wipe clean, leather and cowhide are particularly durable and easy to clean when it comes to furniture and rugs, choose sofas with removable slip covers so that you can regularly wash them or replace if they become too worn.

Isaac 3 Seat Sofa -

Don’t be afraid

When I walk into a living room and there are no ornaments, no low level anything, no plants, and it’s basically a sterile box, I know that it’s a ‘kid friendly’ space. But...It doesn’t need to be this way! Of course you want to be smart and keep your children safe but don’t forgo placing a nice ornament out through fear of it getting broken. It’s like having a beautiful outfit that you never wear in case you spill on it. Live your life, put out those ornaments and simply teach your kids not to touch or to be careful around it, and if it gets broken just fix it or shrug and move on, it’s a great excuse to shop for a new one. Of course I’m not talking about the family heirlooms here, but don’t be afraid to have beautiful things just because your children use that space.

yellow glass ornament
Medium Glass Knot Ornament - Hay

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